Basic GPS Viewer

This is a simple geospatial viewer based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Since it loads map tiles from OpenStreetMap and libraries from OpenLayers in the background, an internet connection is required at runtime.

Just click onto the following link to open a world map. Then drag & drop files of the type GPX, KML, IGC, GeoJSON or TopoJSON on it to visualize their content.

Go to the map…

Help, License and Disclaimer

This web application may be useful for webmasters, as it can be integrated into other websites and called with URL parameters, e.g. to open tracks automatically. Detailed instructions and a bunch of examples can be found on the homepage given below.

This HTML file is published as open source under BSD 2-clause license, but you also have to obey to the terms of use of OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers. It's a demo version that is provided by the copyright holders and contributors "as is", without any liability or guarantee. Contributions to its source code are welcome.

License:2-Clause BSD